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Sober for life

Whether you are trying to make responsible drinking choices or choosing a lifestyle of sobriety, there are people and communities ready to stand beside you. Below is a collection of resources and stories to help in your journey.

At, we are committed to providing encouragement and support for our readers. Our hope is to help people drink responsibly, in college and beyond, to empower you to make wise decisions and give you the tools to avoid the need for recovery altogether. You are not alone.

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Drinking Responsibly

At times, making the right choices about alcohol can be difficult, whether it's someone trying to change their lifestyle or heading off to school for the first time. Often, it feels like excessive drinking is impossible to avoid, but that doesn't need to be the case.

Everyone can make good decisions without jeopardizing your social life! Here are a few resources to help.

5 Ways to Make Friends in College (Without a Drink Your Hand)

6 Practical Tips for Drinking Responsibly

Your Guide On Not Becoming A Drunk Driver

11 Invaluable Resources for Drinking Responsibly

Have Fun & Still Make It Home Safely!


Staying Sober for Life

Admitting you have a problem and making the decision to do something about it are the first steps in a long, but hope-filled, process of recovery. What are some steps you can take to make sure you stay sober not just tomorrow, but for life?

Staying Sober for Life

The Long Road: Top Tips for Recovery


Living in Sobriety: The Stories

In this series of posts, we spoke to people who have battled addiction in their own lives and asked them to share their personal stories of recovery. We hope you find them challenging, encouraging, and uplifting.

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Living In Sobriety: Ann Baldwin’s story

Living In Sobriety: Courtney Rundell’s story

Living In Sobriety: Super Star’s story


Criminal Offense Categories

There are several categories of alcohol crime. The most common alcohol crimes...
The United States of America has two types of courts, Federal Courts and State...
Violations of probation are a new criminal charge on your record that can...