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Criminal charges can be overwhelming and will often change your life. Everything from your criminal record to your positive reputation can be affected. You need to make sure that you have a reliable and trustworthy criminal attorney on your side right now. Our Monona County lawyers are waiting for your call. The sooner you contact us, the better your chance is at avoiding things like jail time and heavy fines resulting from criminal cases.

Our lawyers will stand with you and your family to sort through the details of your case. Our attorneys uphold ethical standards, keep your information confidential and can communicate with you through each step of the process. You simply need to share your side of the story and trust the advice that your lawyer provides. Don't wait too long! Contact one of our experienced lawyers today for a free consultation.

Our Practice Areas of Criminal Law

The ideal attorney for your needs is the one who has the comprehensive legal knowledge both at the state and county levels concerning your case. Our local Monona County attorneys are experienced with all types of charges. They will be able to help you in many areas of criminal law practice including bail hearings, DUI, probation violation, kidnapping, domestic violence and much more. You need to remember that you have a right to silence until you contact an attorney but that you will still need to be cooperative with authorities. Don't wait another moment. If you have recently been charged with a crime or suspect that charges will be filed, the sooner you meet with an attorney, the better.

DUI Defense

One of the most common charges when it comes to local law is a DUI charge. Many lawyers practice DUI defense but charges and legal procedures differ greatly between individual counties. Depending on specific local laws, you could be looking at any number of consequences from heavy fines to a suspended driver's license to jail time.

Our experienced DUI attorneys will help you to explore your options. Depending on the facts of the case and the experience of your attorney, you could receive minimal penalties. Your Monona County lawyer will help you to understand how you may qualify as a first offender, they will help you build up a defense strategy and also explain some of the penalties that you may face.

Your criminal record can adversely affect the ability to volunteer in your community, limit your higher education choices, cause you to miss out on scholarships, and may even affect your job. If you do not have a good attorney on your side, you could be facing unnecessary charges that would otherwise be thrown out as well. These charges could put undue strain on your family and damage your reputation. You can rely on our trained county attorneys to handle your case.

The Top County Criminal Council for You

County law is very specific and what is on the books in one county may not be the same in another. This is why it is important for you to seek the advice of an attorney who has particular knowledge in the county from which the charges stem.

Our local attorneys will understand the charges you are facing and will advise you of the procedures that will help to move your case along. They also have had the chance to build relationships to with local judges as well as prosecutors which can help if your case goes to trial.

Your Initial Consultation with Your Monona County Attorney

At the first meeting with your attorney you will be able to discuss the details of your case. You will also get legal recommendations from your lawyer. They will give you possible situations like court cases and plea bargains that may be applicable.

It is extremely important that you are open and honest with your attorney. This will help them to determine the various options for your case. The more information you share, the better the chances are that you can make a decision concerning how to proceed with your case.

You should schedule the first meeting as soon as you can so you can ensure your rights are protected. Criminal charges could affect your work, your community standing and so much more. By taking the first step and contacting a lawyer now, you will get the protection you and your family need.

How You Can Help Your Case

During your initial consultation, you will need to be forthright about the incidences that led to your charges. You should also make sure that you are bringing in any required paperwork, that you are keeping your appointments and that you are following the advice provided by your lawyer.

The most important way that you can help though is simply by being patient as your attorney prepares your case. This can be difficult as you are likely frightened and under stress, but by being patient it will allow your attorney the time to come up with a proper defense.

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It is time to start this journey to protect your rights. Local laws can be complicated but you can trust that our Monona County lawyers are confident, trustworthy and experienced. Avoid extra costs, fines and mistakes by getting in contact with an attorney right now.

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