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Don’t leave your fate to chance. If you or someone you love has been charged with a criminal offense in the District of Columbia, you need a lawyer. A lawyer can walk you through the complex legal process, while explaining your various options, along with your rights and responsibilities. Your Washington, D.C. criminal lawyer will become your advocate when facing the courts and law enforcement and will fight to bring about the best outcome in your case. You have the right to an attorney; make sure you have one by your side as quickly as possible.

You Need a Lawyer Ready to Handle Unique Legal Challenges

Law enforcement-wise, America’s capital is unique. Several different police and federal agencies have jurisdiction in various parts of the District. Additionally criminal offenses are often prosecuted by the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia rather than an elected local prosecutor. You will need a District of Columbia defense attorney who is familiar with this set of special legal challenges and who understands the laws and practices of the local court system. If you haven’t done so already, contact a Washington, D.C. defense lawyer and schedule an appointment. Many attorneys offer free initial consultations to help you determine your representation needs.

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Choose a DC Area Lawyer Experienced in Your Charges

Whether you need a DUI lawyer or a Washington, D.C. criminal attorney, we can help. Our skilled lawyers have experience working on a variety of different criminal offenses from theft to probation violations to DUIs. We have lawyers that specialize in nearly any criminal offense including:

  • Theft
  • DUI
  • Fraud
  • Probation Violations
  • Solicitation
  • Kidnapping
  • Weapons Charges
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Domestic Violence
  • and many others.

Whether you are innocent or guilty, you need a lawyer by your side if you are charged with these or any other criminal offense. Your lawyer will help you avoid costly mistakes and harsh punishments. You have rights and you have options. Great attorneys can be found all around the District, from Capitol Hill to Georgetown to Dupont Park. Don’t wait; contact a lawyer in your area and get the defense you need.

Prepare a Strong Defense

One of the most intimidating aspects of being arrested or charged with a crime in the District of Columbia is heading to court. Your future is influenced by the outcome of the court proceedings. Depending on your charge, the penalties can vary greatly if you are convicted and can range from jail time to probation to fines and more. Luckily, our forefathers designed a legal system where everyone has a voice, and your lawyer will be this voice in court. They will strive to obtain the most favorable outcome for your legal situation, whether that is being declared “Not Guilty” or receiving a reasonable punishment for your conviction. Your lawyer will look for the mitigating factors (reasons that influence the severity of your charges) in your case and help you to build a strong and effective defense.

Don’t Wait, Find a Washington, D.C. Criminal Lawyer Now

In our nation’s capital the clock starts ticking as soon as you are arrested. You will receive a better defense if you find a lawyer quickly. If you have been charged with a criminal offense in the D.C. area you need a lawyer to prepare your defense that is experienced with your specific charges and that understands the unique jurisdictional issues and laws in Washington DC. We can help you find one today.

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