Welcome to the Legal Marketing Academy!

Criminallawyer.com was founded by a group of lawyers that have had tremendous success growing and marketing their practice since they started their firm in 2004. Now they want to help other lawyers get found by clients and crush their competition.

We initially launched Criminallawer.com in order to provide high value and high converting exclusive law firm listings to criminal defense lawyers all across the U.S. Our initial goal was to help connect people with reliable and trustworthy criminal lawyers. However, we wanted to offer more. We have gained so much experience and knowledge about legal marketing throughout the years and now we want to share our knowledge and expertise with all of you. That is the purpose of our brand new legal marketing blog, the Legal Marketing Academy.

In this blog our main goal is to educate and inform our readers on all things legal marketing so you can get more clients and grow your practice. Over the years we have tried nearly everything when it comes to marketing our law firm and after a lot of trial and error we have found that hands down THE MOST effective and cost efficient way to reach our potential customers was internet marketing and search engine optimization. With that being said, internet marketing and SEO will be the topics in which we most heavily concentrate on in the Legal Marketing Academy Blog.

Who is this blog for?

Obviously, since this blog is on Criminallawyer.com many of the posts will be geared towards, you guessed it, Criminal Defense Lawyers and Criminal Defense Law Firms. However, nearly everything we discuss in our posts will be applicable to all types lawyers, law firms and even businesses completely unrelated to law. If you have the desire to learn more about internet marketing and search engine optimization and if you want to gain more clients, make more sales, and grow your business, then this blog is for you.

One of the main reasons we have been so successful with internet marketing is because we are always looking outside of the legal industry for new strategies, new techniques, and new inspiration on different and unique ways to market our firm. It’s not just about knowing what forms of marketing work in your industry or being an expert at marketing in your niche. In order to stay ahead of the competition and be truly successful you must look outside of your industry and find what works for these other businesses and figure out a way to apply those strategies in your own marketing plan. That’s why the posts and information in this blog will be applicable to so many different people and businesses.

What to expect from this blog?

There are tons of websites and blogs on the internet that focus on internet marketing and SEO and to by quite honest, for the most part, if you have read one of them you have read them all. They mainly cover trending news topics in the industry and theory about different strategies and speculation as to how the search engine algorithms work. That is all just nice information and makes for a good read on occasion but what I have always wanted to see out of a good internet marketing blog was information that actually teaches you exactly how to implement all of the various strategies. And that is what we are going to do in the Legal Marketing Academy Blog. It will be our main goal to leave you, after every post, with the knowledge and skills to implement and complete the specific strategies and techniques we discuss.

We dont just talk the talk but we walk the walk. Every post we feature on our blog will be based on tried and true methods that we actually use ourselves and have tested over and over again.We will be writing how to guides, step by step instructions, case studies and much more so that you will be able to walk away after reading our posts and have the knowledge and ability to implement the strategies that we have found to be most effective after years of trial and error and continuoual education and study in the field.

What specific topics will be covered?

Content Development
Content Marketing
Content Outreach
Local Search Optimization
Citation Building
Pay Per Click Advertising
Social Media
On Page Optimization
Organic Link Building
Blogger Outreach
Link Partner Development
Paid Directory Listings
Legal Directories
Penguin & Panda Penalty Diagnosis
Penguin & Panda Penalty Recovery
And many more

Who will be contributing to this blog?

I will be the main contributor doing the majority of the weekly postings. My name is Joe Brickley, and I am the Chief of Operations here at Criminallawyer.com and I manage all of the marketing for the site. I have also been working with the founders of Criminallawyer.com as the marketing manager for their law firm for the past 2 years. My passions are entrepreneurship and legal marketing so I feel right at home writing for the Legal Marketing academy blog which will be helping fellow entrepreneurs grow their businesses through Internet Marketing and SEO, a perfect fit if you ask me!

Also, we will have guest posts by some of the biggest names in the SEO, internet marketing, and legal marketing fields to offer their expert insight into the industry. And last but not least you will occasionally get to hear from the founders of Criminallawyer.com and get to read their first hand experience about growing and marketing their practice along with creating Criminallawer.com.

So let’s get started!

I hope everyone is excited to start this new journey with me. We will be posting to the Legal Marketing Academy Blog at least once a week and we welcome any suggestions for future posts in the comments below.

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