SEO For Lawyers: Whats the Point?

SEO is a proven advertising method, one used by many other businesses. It is an especially productive advertising medium for lawyers, because so many people turn to the Internet to research a law firm before hiring one. In fact, according to recent Nielson reports about 90% of the American population consults the web for service information, instead of turning to the Yellow Pages. Attorneys cannot afford to turn their backs on productive SEO methods, as these can offer a first page search engine placement, inexpensive advertising, branding and ultimately, increased revenue. The following 10 reasons outline why a law firm should take SEO seriously:

  1. You get qualified leads through your firms website. People searching for a lawyer online are ready to hire. If they see your website come up first, chances are they will select you over other attorneys listed under you.
  2. A website in itself, with no SEO, is just a virtual calling card, allowing customers who already know of you or who are familiar with your firm to contact you. SEO is the process of marketing your website. It informs potential clients of what you do and who you are by putting your website at the top of search engines.
  3. Online marketing is very competitive, so the more you participate in quality SEO practices, the better chance your website has in getting a first place Google listing.
  4. SEO is one of the least expensive and most effective forms of advertising. It can replace some of the other more expensive and less effective advertising methods you use.
  5. SEO attracts targeted clients, those that are already looking for a law firm. Additionally, you can customize your SEO practices even further, narrowing down your targeted audience even more. Your web content can attract the ideal clients, and bring you higher-paying clients.
  6. Even referred clients will research your firm, and they will turn to the Internet to do it. They want to check your work history, success rate and read customer testimonials about your firm.
  7. People just don't use the Yellow Pages any more. Besides, a listing in the Yellow Pages can be expensive. Instead of putting your advertising resources there, you can make these more effective by investing in SEO online marketing for your firm.
  8. SEO offers scientific analysis of online marketing results. It offers measurable statistics on the processes that work, and those that don't. It can offer detailed analysis of content, keywords and media, showing you exactly what interests your potential clients and guiding you towards the use of effective online marketing techniques.
  9. SEO practices bring you more money. SEO allows consumers to find your website and ultimately become customers. Even one customer you receive from simple search engine optimization can be worth the time or money investment you make in online marketing.
  10. As a small law firm, you probably have a very small marketing budget, if you have one at all. Search engine optimization offers a free advertising medium for even the smallest law firms. You just have to find the right tools that allow you to automate some of the processes and invest a certain amount of time each week in performing consistent SEO tasks.
Bottom Line
Search Engine Optimization drives qualified traffic to your website, and this increases your number of clients. The key to effective SEO practices is getting a website to list well on the search engines. High-quality SEO isn't about tricking the system, but about applying proven techniques and strategies that help Google and the other search engines list your web content correctly, so that this information can draw clients to your law firm.

Do you use SEO for your firms website? What are some of the best strategies you have used to get your site to rank on the first page?

If you have any questions leave them in the comments or tweet me! @JoeBrickk

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