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We understand that it can be really scary to fond yourself facing criminal charges. If you or one of your close family members is in this situation, the best thing that you can do is find a local lawyer. Even though the charges may be overwhelming, things will only get worse if you avoid doing anything.

Your attorney will walk you through all of your options and explain how to get the best protection possible for your case. Fill out our contact form to find an experienced, trustworthy criminal defense lawyer conveniently located in the city of Rockford or its surrounding suburbs.

Build a Strong Defense for a Rockford DUI Charge

One of the most common criminal charges is a DUI charge. This is no exception in the state of Illinois where many individual towns and suburbs have hundreds of DUI arrests every year. The punishment for a DUI can vary, but it often includes alcohol education courses, suspension of a driver's license, significant fines, and a night in prison.

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If you have been accused of or are facing a DUI charge, take the time to find an attorney who has knowledge and expertise in dealing with cases similar to your own. Our lawyers will work with you to determine whether you qualify as a first time offender, to explain the penalties that you are facing, and to put together a defense strategy.

Find a Rockford Attorney Who Knows the Law

Each state, city, and county has different laws. If you've had prior offenses, you may assume that you know exactly what will happen with this new charge, but it is not always that simple. For example, the specific rights that are afforded to you by state law vary from state to state. An experienced defense lawyer can fully explain the laws that are applicable to your charges and what they mean for your future. Our attorneys are experienced in every aspect of criminal law from DUI charges to probation violation to domestic violence and are happy to help you in every way that they can.

Learn What to Expect from Your Attorney

The first step to take with your new attorney is setting up an initial meeting. This meeting gives you the chance to share your side of the story with the lawyer. Be forthcoming and candid so that the attorney has as much information as possible for building a strong defense. Don't be afraid to ask questions in order to get the details that you need to make informed decisions. Once the lawyer has documented your side of the story, she will discuss the next course of action.

The sooner you get in touch with a reputable lawyer, the more likely it is that you'll have a favorable outcome and protection of your rights. Don't delay this process. Get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer today to set up with a free initial meeting in your area.

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