Google Penalty

Bailing Your Law Firm Website Out of Google Jail


The days of the SEO Wild West are over. There is a new sheriff in town and it comes in the form of Google’s Penguin update. He rides his majestic stallion from website to website locking people up (penalizing) for breaking the law (Google’s Quality Guidelines).

Diagnosing a Penguin Bite

Has your law firm website been penalized?

Everyone knows about the major algorithm changes Google recently that have left many aggressive internet marketers in Googles peanut gallery. The two main updates were Panda and Penguin and for the purposes of this post we will be focusing ONLY on the Penguin update which occurred on April 24, 2012.

For the sake of time I will not dive too deep into actually explaining the Penguin update. Here is all you really need to know:

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