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If you've been charged with a crime or you are the subject of a criminal investigation, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you; remember that being arrested doesn't automatically mean that you are going to be convicted. Don't gamble with your future; you need to speak with a criminal lawyer in Islip NY right away to ensure your rights are protected and you are treated fairly by the police and the courts.

When You Should Call an Islip, NY Criminal Lawyer

Alfonse M. D'Amato United States Courthouse, Islip NY

Whether you've been charged with DWI (often referred to as DUI) by the local Town of Islip Harbor Police or you've been arrested by the FBI on suspicion of a white-collar crime, an Islip NY criminal lawyer will help you navigate the complex legal system in Suffolk County. Our skilled attorneys are available to help defend clients against any criminal charge, including

  • Forceable rape and sex offenses
  • Robbery, burglary and theft
  • Domestic violence and assault
  • Manslaughter (including vehicular manslaughter)
  • And many more

Whatever your legal issues are, you cannot afford to face the courts alone - the actions you take right now will impact you for the rest of your life.

How A Defense Attorney Can Help You

A defense attorney works to defend your rights in the criminal justice system, regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty of the criminal charges you are facing. An experienced lawyer will advocate on your behalf to make sure every legal option is explored; for example, if you are facing a DWI charge, you could be sentenced to a year in jail (even if it is your first offense) however, with the help of a Islip, NY criminal lawyer, you could avoid incarceration, face lower fines or even have the charges dismissed.

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If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in Suffolk County, you need to call a criminal lawyer in Islip, NY right away. Don't take chances with your future - a qualified defense attorney will help protect your rights and ensure you the best possible outcome following your arrest. We will connect you with the legal representation you need to protect you and your family - call us today for a free legal consultation as soon as possible.

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