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If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Wayne County, it is imperative that you hire an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. The more time that is spent before mounting a defense, the greater chance of a conviction. An experienced criminal attorney possesses years of experience providing clients with the best defense possible. Contact a criminal lawyer today for an initial consultation. In most cases, because these lawyers have a deep compassion for those undergoing the stress of a criminal case, the initial consultation is free. Once you discuss your case with one of these caring and concerned criminal lawyers, you can rest assured that a compelling defense will be created. 

field sobriety testCharges of driving under the influence in Wayne County can have severe consequences. The conviction may stay on your record permanently, making it difficult to find employment. If you are facing a DUI, drug charges, or any other criminal case, do not hesitate another moment, you need to contact an attorney today. If this is not your first offense, be aware that the court will consider prior convictions and arrests in assessing a penalty. You do not want to risk losing all you have worked toward because of a mistake. Going into court with an experienced criminal lawyer ensures that you have someone knowledgeable of Michigan law who can guide you through the process.

When it comes to DUI, the rules change frequently. It is difficult for a nonprofessional to comprehend and articulate these laws before the court. You need a criminal lawyer to interpret the law in a manner that will persuade the court to offer leniency in your case. Experienced criminal lawyers, using precedent cases similar in facts to yours, can ask the court to offer probation, rehabilitation, or other punishment in lieu of incarceration. They can give you the best opportunity to avoid a loss of income, one outcome that is quite possible if you are sentenced to jail time. An experienced criminal attorney will analyze the circumstances of your traffic stop to ascertain the validity of the charges. If possible, the lawyer can have the case dismissed altogether. You must take action today; call one of our Wayne County criminal lawyers to handle your DUI case.

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Every citizen has a right to a zealous defense. You should not expect anything less than the best defense in your case. Contact of our trusted attorneys today to receive the quality legal advice you expect and deserve.

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