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If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you must begin a defense immediately. Securing a favorable outcome in a criminal case becomes more difficult over time. Do not prolong the start of your defense; contact an experienced, compassionate criminal lawyer in Oakland County, Michigan today. Our lawyers have years of experience helping people gain favorable outcomes in criminal cases. The criminal process can be confusing. You do not have to go through this troubling time alone. Contacting a criminal lawyer for a free consultation that will help you make sure that you've covered all of your bases, and can mount a competent defense.

Charged with DUI?

A DUI conviction can cause serious problems in your life. It is imperative that you contact an attorney if you face DUI charges in Oakland County, MI. State DUI law can be fairly complex. You need an experienced attorney with intricate knowledge of current DUI laws to handle your defense. A DUI conviction can become a permanent part of your record. If so, you may experience difficulty attaining jobs. Those attempting to secure a professional license in Michigan may suffer rejection because of the conviction. It is not unheard of for colleges to suspend students convicted of DUIs. Bottom line: You should not take a DUI charge lightly.

Contact one of our experienced attorneys to begin the process of mounting a successful defense. An experienced criminal lawyer can help in numerous ways. These lawyers know the procedure the arresting officers must undertake to legitimate the charge. There may be something in the report that will persuade a judge to dismiss the case or reduce the charges. In court, a lawyer will cite precedent cases, similar in facts to yours, to persuade the judge towards leniency. In mnay cases, those who otherwise might have spent time in jail have received probation. You need a lawyer knowledgeable of police procedure and DUI case history to analyze your case.

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Many of the people incarcerated today might not be there if they had hired an experienced criminal lawyer. Do not gamble with your freedom. Hire a competent criminal lawyer in Oakland County, MI, to handle your Michigan DUI, drug, domestic violence or white-collar crime case. Contact one of our trusted attorneys now to receive the quality legal advice you expect and deserve.

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