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The county of Fresno is known for providing the best safety to their residents, and with that safety comes the hundreds of arrests each year. Fortunately, just because you are arrested does not mean that you will be convicted. With the help of a Fresno County Lawyer, you can put your future at ease.

When facing the possible conviction of any criminal offense, it is in your benefit to take action immediately. Criminal Lawyer understands the stress involved, and that is why we offer free consultations. Contact a Fresno Lawyer immediately, and save yourself a world of trouble!

Battling a DUI Charge?

We understand, Fresno is strict! In fact, Fresno is so strict that the county has made news as a county that other states look up to for it's serious stance on battling DUIs. This is one of the reasons why immediately seeking out an attorney is important.

When you seek out a lawyer, that lawyer knows the exact laws that Fresno County, and California, have. Our lawyers have multiple years of experience battling DUIs, and they will ensure that your case is properly represented.

The Implied Consent Law

One thing that is very important to remember is that the state of California, Fresno County included, operates by the Implied Consent law. When you receive your license, you immediately consent to any testing if you are pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. Without an experienced Fresno County lawyer, you risk automatic license suspension and the possibility of your license being revoked for multiple years.

Other Charges?

Do you have other charges besides a DUI? That’s ok, our lawyers can help you out with that, too! Our Fresno County lawyers know the law, and they are willing to help you out with many different charges including, but not limited to:

  • Drug Charges

  • Sex Crimes

  • Domestic Violence

  • Assault/Battery

  • Federal Offenses

DUIs are something that easily leave stains on your record and have lasting effects on your future. Do not wait, call a Fresno County lawyer for your free consultation!

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